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The Growth Mindset Box (Age 4+)

The Growth Mindset Box (Age 4+)

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"The growth mindset is the idea that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems",  Carol Dweck 

We have designed a soap making that will help your kid develop his growth mindset by solving the different steps to create 4 soaps and a wooden soap base.

Include all the material to create 4 cute soaps with a surprise inside and a soap holder made of wood, a booklet with instructions, and a booklet for parents to develop their expertise about the growth mindset

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Customer Reviews

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Dana Steffen
A fun activity my son enjoyed

Some parts were hard for my 5 year old, but overall he really enjoyed the soap making and spending time together. Now he is also excited to wash his hands and wait for his animals toys to free up!

Rivka Bensoussan
OMG! I now realize that I need to spend more quality time with my hubby and kids altogether!

We had the opportunity to test a box this summer. First observation: it took nearly 10 days for my husband and me to find a slot for all four of us. We were confronted with our reality: we need to rethink our organization to spend more quality time together as a family.

The children were thrilled to kick off the workshop by making little soaps. Getting their hands dirty, being active participants, asking questions, and eagerly awaiting the mixture to set.

Here's a glimpse of the evolution of the little lavender-scented soaps that have been accompanying my kids since the workshop.

Definitely worth doing again!

Very cute and fun activity!

We really enjoyed doing the soap box activity during our recent winter break. My 3.5yo exclaimed while putting the bowl in the microwave: “this is so fun!!”. We all had a great time making the soaps, placing them by the sink and they are now being used daily! Win win ;)

Quality time with my daughters

We had a blast with my daughter doing the Perseverance box. My older daughter is 8y and tends to rush to the end and quit easily in face of challenge. Thanks to this box, we together worked through the project, not giving up until we were delighted to realise this beautiful Israel flag keyring. Looking forward to the next boxes !

Amazing quality time

I spent a great time with my 3 years old with this box. it was nice to share quality time without TV and with a very guided activity.
Together we create the soap from A to Z and it was nice to see him understand that stuffs are not coming directly from a supermarket.
And he was very excited every day to wash his hands until the big reveal