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The Perseverance Box (age 8+)

The Perseverance Box (age 8+)

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"Perseverance is sticking with things. It means being hardworking and finishing what is started, despite barriers and obstacles that arise. The pleasure received from completing tasks and projects is very important to those who are high in perseverance", VIA Character Institute

We create this kit to develop your child perseverance. This is a beautiful project, the weaving of an Israeli Flag in beads. It is designed for a child from age 7. It can be done in one go or in several smaller steps, whatever you will need to complete it !

To help you and your kids, we have created a step by step video, and a booklet with instructions.

In bonus, it includes a little history of the Israeli Flags and game !




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Customer Reviews

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Judith Liebman
Wonderful activity and box

We were looking for a family activity box to help bring more connection with Israel into our home (in the United States) and this box was an absolute hit! Extras in the box were super fun, the instructions and video were easy to follow, and the project was really fun.

My younger son, age 8, enjoys perler bead projects but has often gotten frustrated with sewing projects in the past. This idea of sewing perler beads was new to us and worked perfectly for him! He really loved how the beads turn and stretch in the finished product. Once we finished he wanted to know more about the Israeli flag and the info was in the booklet!

After we finished he went off with the Keychain but returned with his bucket of perler beads a few minutes later. He wanted to make another one but design the colors and pattern himself and make the star glow in the dark 😂. There was plenty of string so we completed a second one. He did the second one mostly by himself (the first was about half him, I started it and our 14 year old did some too) . I helped with knot tying, getting started, and checking the pattern. At bed time he was so excited to have his glowing star.

I couldn't be more pleased with this lovely box and can't wait to see more boxes in the future!

What a great time!

I recently purchased two Perseverance boxes for a craft project with my 8-year-old daughter (one for me, one for her!). Having cherished memories of creating pearl flags in my own childhood, I was eager to share this delightful experience with her. We had an amazing time together. The instructions were remarkably clear, and the accompanying step-by-step video was an excellent addition that guided us smoothly through the process. Moreover, it was gratifying to support an Israeli business during these challenging times. I wholeheartedly recommend this product and look forward to our next order!